Donation Goal Bonus Plan for July

  • Hello guys,

    we're proud to present you the plan for the current month!


    And here's the Rates for these events:

    Eventtype Multiplier
    Experience x1.3 (only until Lv155)
    Fairy Experience x4
    Family Experience x4
    Act4 Raid Percentage x2
    Instant Combat x2
    Land of Death x2
    OpenDollar x2

    Thanks for your generosity with keeping the Server bills paid!


    Your OpenNos-Team

    Don't worry, I only show respect to those who deserve it, not to those demanding it.

    If you want,

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    Private BTC: 1KD43Bwjxb7ikW12Yx39jdczgW6oh2zTkp

    Server BTC: 13c83oSKRL62PKS3c2L4gyJc8iqYxk9aW2