Store your items!(for event)

  • Hey guys,

    I think you will have some annoying because of your backpack always full!

    Here have some thing can help you to solve this problem.


    Go to find "Mimi Mentor" use shop.

    You can buy the warehouse to keep your stuff.

    Small Warehouse (9,800 Gold) [Slot No. is 7]

    Small Warehouse (57,000 Gold) [Slot No. is 14]

    Medium Warehouse (125,000 Gold) [Slot No. is 21]

    Extra Large Warehouse (250 Opendollar) [Slot No. is 56] <Suggest you to buy this.

    Adventurers Knapsack for 30 Days (50 Opendollar) [Your "Inventory" will open all slot in 30 Days]

    (Buy it in " OpenNos Donator Shop" <Click me!)


    How to use the Warehouse?

    Go to "Miniland", Click"L" and Click "Install mode".

    Click the Warehouse image and put the Warehouse on the ground.

    (The warehouse slot will be used in conjunction with the same account.

    If you have a "Extra Large Warehouse" but other character only have a "Medium Warehouse")

    < The other character can only take away this things in warehouse.


    This is the end, hope I can help you:)

    Enjoy the Game~

    By: -SkyFall*