Donation Goal Bonus Plan for June

  • Hello guys,

    we're proud to present you the plan for the current month!


    Green=Event // Red=No Event

    And here's the Rates for these events:

    Eventtype Multiplier
    Experience x1.5
    Fairy Experience x3
    Family Experience x5
    Gold x1.5
    Instant Combat x2
    A Small Loan x2

    Thanks for your generosity with keeping the Server bills paid!


    Your OpenNos-Team

    Don't worry, I only show respect to those who deserve it, not to those demanding it.

    If you want,

    Buy Me a Coffee at

    Private BTC: 1KD43Bwjxb7ikW12Yx39jdczgW6oh2zTkp

    Server BTC: 13c83oSKRL62PKS3c2L4gyJc8iqYxk9aW2