Frequently asked Questions [FAQ] [General Guide]

  • Hello OpenNos Players!

    In this Thread, I'll answer all frequently asked questions so that we don't have to answer them over and over again. Lets begin!

    -General Questions-

    Q: Where can I register an Account?

    On this site:

    Q: I forgot my password. Is there a way to change it?

    Yes, here's a link for it:

    Q: Where can I download the newest Client?

    You can download it from here:…dADgtx8PgrVWRRemVpRUNZQzg

    or here:!2sQGQKwA!d3q…HTiqze1j9bGMeCZIH0crsVhWA

    Q: What is the link to join the Discord of OpenNos?

    Server Discord:

    Developer Discord:

    Q: What's the difference between the Developer and the Server Discord?

    The Server Discord is about the OpenNos Public Server and Developer Discord is for the people that want to set up their own Server.

    Q: Where can I find the rules?

    Game Rules: You can simply look them up here: Game Rules

    Discord Rules: You can look them up in the #rules channel on the Discord Servers.

    Q: Where can I find out if the Server is down?

    You can check it at

    Q: Why is the Server down and how long will it stay down?

    The reason is often announced in game or on Discord. If not, do not ask why it's down and never ask how long it will stay down, because nobody can say that for sure.

    Q: Where and how can I donate? What are the benefits of donating?

    You can look up everything about the donating system here: Informations about the new Donation System

    -Game regarding Questions-

    Q: What's the max possible Lvl?

    It's Lvl 255

    Q: Which is the highest JobLvl that he SP Cards can reach?

    It's Lvl 255 as well.

    Q: How many Accounts can I have?

    You are allowed to have as many Accounts as you want, but you are only allowed to be online with 3 at the same time.

    Q: What are the LOD times?

    You can look them up here: Land of Death Remember!: You can't join during horn time and in order to join, the family has to exist before the LOD opens.

    Q: What are the IC/IB times?

    The IC/IB starts every two hours. (GMT Timezone)







    Q: My accounts are stucked, what am I supposed to do?

    Wait 5 minutes, you'll get kicked automatically. If that's not the case, message a Supporter or write a Ticket.

    Q: How can I get OpenDollars?

    You can get 25 OpenDollars by logging in daily and you get OpenDollars by winning an IC/IB as well. You can also exchange Rubies to OpenDollars by double-clicking them.

    Q: Where can I spend my OpenDollars?

    You can spend them here:

    -What you should do when you notice a bug-

    First of all, make sure that the bug isn't known already, because there's no need to report a bug which is already known. But, how can you find out if a bug is known already? - It's simple!

    You can do that by looking at the #bug-report channel on the OpenNos Public Server Discord. Usually all bugs get reported there. You can also Direct Message me (Shattered) on Discord if you aren't sure.

    Now if your bug isn't known already, you can either explain it in the #bug-report channel on the OpenNos Public Server Discord or just tell me about it by direct messaging me on Discord. - You may ask yourself why you should do that. Well, it's simple. If you report bugs, you help us to fix them, so that nobody has to suffer from them.

    But, what if you lost something because of a bug?

    If that ever happens to you, take screenshots that prove that you lost something. Afterwards you create a ticket in which you explain what happened. If you do everything right, you should get the things, you lost, back.

    -What if you have any questions left that aren't answered in this Thread?-

    Well, you can do several things then. Here are some options!

    1: Take a look around the Forum. Several Users already created many Threads that may answer your question.

    2: Direct Message any Supporter on Discord.

    3: Create a Ticket.

    If you consider your question as important, you can also tell me to add it to this Thread by telling me in the comments.

    Thank you for reading that far. Feedback is wished and I hope that you have a great day and enjoy playing!

    Best regards, Shattered.

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