Informations about the new Donation System

  • Since we recently changed the Donation System, I will now shortly introduce you to it.

    First of all, there are multiple ways of donating, each with different receivers. You can donate either towards us as the OpenNos Development Team(using our Ko-Fi Links) or towards the Server, to help with the Server costs.

    Why to donate?

    The SourceCode for OpenNos is free as in beer - We will never charge you anything for using it. However, nothing is completely out of cost. We still work on it in our free time.

    The same goes for the OpenNos Public Server. You can play without any donation(and we will never force you to donate towards the Server to get the new OP Equipment or a crazy Experience Boost). In fact, you can't get stuff that makes you better by giving us money. But as for the SourceCode, it is still linked to costs for us. We need to pay for our Dedicated Servers, Domain Names and other expenses caused by the OpenNos Public Server.

    And that's why you should donate if you can afford it. Helping us with our expenses, especially with the OpenNos Public Server, allows us to keep the Server running and, if needed, upgrade our current Hardware to allow more players to play. As for us as Developers, you can always buy us a coffee and we'll appreciate it, since The Public Server Donations are used only to cover the costs for the Public Server. But keep in mind: We force noone to donate.

    What are the benefits of donating?

    Donating to the Developers has no direct benefit - we'll appreciate it and might be able / want to dedicate more time to the Development of OpenNos(both the Public Source Code and the Public Server).

    If you donate to the Public Server, there are some minor(non-Pay2Win) rewards for you. These rewards won't make you better in-game, but are still, in our opinion, a nice reward, especially since we don't earn any Cent with the Public Server and still do the Management, Maintenance and other work on it.

    During the change of Leadership in our team, we are also providing the new donation reward: 100 OpenDollar per Euro. Once the change is done, you will no longer get those rewards directly by paying, but can buy them from the new Mall (which will still be available to non-donating players as usual).

    The rewards are:

    • Hero Wings for the Top 10 Donators
    • Access to a really full Channel for the Top 20 Donators
    • Limited Bomb or Punk Hairs(15€) <- They don't have any special effect and can be gained In-Game too
    • Limited Rare Bomb or Punk Hairs (25€) <- They don't have any special effect
    • Ingame Name Change for one Character (10€)
    • Family Slot expansion by 50 Slots (10€)
    • Class Change(10€)
    • Item Conversion(e.g. Bow -> Sword etc.)(10€)
    • Monthly Pet October - Blaze(10€)(Permanent)
    • Montly Partner October - ---(15€)(Permanent) None
    • Monthly Mount October - ---(10€)(Permanent) None
    • Pet / Partner Name Change(5€)
    • Re-Perfect your SP(and keep 50% of the old distribution)(10€ or 1000 OpenDollar)

    How to donate?

    Donations towards the Developers can be done using our Ko-Fi Links(found in our signature).

    Donations towards the Public Server can be done by writing me a Private Message(here or in Discord) to get the current PayPal-E-Mail Address.

    Both ways are done ONLY using PayPal or Bitcoin. You can find the Bitcoin Address in my Signature. Other Payment Methods, especially Pre-Paid Cards like PaySafeCard, can't be accepted.

    Bitcoin additions:

    Regarding donations with Bitcoin, please add a 10% extra in order to cover possible fees. After sending the donation, please message me with your transaction

    Other questions?

    If you still have unanswered questions, don't hesitate to contact our staff, we will gladly answer any unanswered questions.

    Have a nice day,


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