Game Rules

  • §1 Behaviour

    Please be kind to other players. Any insulting, rude, racist, drug-related and/or vulgar behaviour is forbidden and will be penalized.

    Extorting will immediately result in a permanent ban.

    If you discover a breach of the rules, you may instantly contact a Support or Game Master(Crew). The breach has to be proven by significant Screenshots which you are not allowed to edit. For more complicated cases, we also accept records in high resolution.

    Please keep in mind that everyone has a different opinion about what is insulting and what not. Therefore, only the OpenNos Team will determine what is - and what is not - seen as offensive on a case by case basis

    §1a Ingame Behaviour

    We do not encourage AFK-Leveling. Your attention has to be on the game.

    When a Team member contacts you, you have to react. Failing to do so results in a ban for AFK-Leveling.

    Portals have to be accessible all the time. You might risk a punishment when blocking them.

    §1b "Grief Play"

    "Grief Play" refers to play styles where a player intentionally disrupts the gaming experience of other players. Examples for this behaviour are: Intentionally killing others by drawing Monsters to them, stealing kills, following other players across channels in order to disturb their gameplay(especially in act4.2). We will penalize this behaviour strictly

    §1c Trading Behaviour

    Scammig is prohibited and results in a permanent ban.

    Asking the Team for items, gold or other stuff is forbidden and will be warned. If you keep asking for these things, you might get muted or banned.

    We are not committed to replace items lost by self-inflicted actions(for example Scam).

    §1d Behaviour against the Team

    You have to follow and respect the instructions and decisions of the Team.

    The Team is not allowed to give you items/gold or help you with leveling.

    Never trade a Team member or invite them into a party, guild or (coming soon) raid.

    Please use the Board or Discord to contact us. It's hard to help you ingame.

    Ban discussions are strictly forbidden everywhere except in the Ban Appeal Section.

    §2 Bugusing

    If you encounter any bugs, you are committed to report them in the respective Section of the Forums. If you use any bugs that give you an advantage without waiting for our response, you risk a permanent ban.

    §3 Cheating/Hacking/Tooling

    Manipulation of the Game Client is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.

    You are not allowed to use any tool interacting with the game that is not created by the OpenNos Team. This also includes the usage of bots, keyboard simulators(especially Macros). It will result in a permanent ban.

    §4 Names

    Player, Family and Shop names that are insulting, racist, drug related and/or vulgar are not allowed and result in a deletion and/or a ban.

    Using the Names of the Team in any form is forbidden and will be instantly banned permanently. Same for using "GM", "GA", "Crew", "Support" or any other word or abbreviation releated to the Team.

    Shop names have to be in english.

    You are forbidden to use ASCII Codes in order to achieve special characters in Family and Character names.

    §5 Game Chat

    The official language in all prodived services is English. This includes, but not limited to: Game Servers, Discord and Forums.

    You are committed to speak English. However, there are some exceptions to this: National Sections in the Forums and Discord aswell as Party/Family/Whisper/Friend chat ingame.

    §5a Spam

    Repeatedly sending of the same, or a similar, message is not allowed and considered as spamming.

    Messages containing information about hacks, bots, cheats or any other program that has impact on the gameplay is prohibited and will be penalized.

    You are not allowed to advertise other websites that are not releated to the official OpenNos Project. The mere mentioning is not considered as advertisement and is permitted. However, this does not apply to other servers and is always seen as advertisement.

    §5b Real Life Threats

    We take Real Life Threats very serious: Any Real Life Threats made against the team, users or everyone else will result in a permanent ban from any service and a complain to the police with all valuable data(Log excerpts, IP and EMail address and others).

    §6 Account data

    You have to keep your account data secret and are not allowed to give this data to other. This includes your account/login names aswell as your password. You risk your account being stolen. The only situation you are allowed to give your account/login name(not the password) to someone else is to our Team(Support and Crew) to kick pseudo-online accounts.

    It's prohibited to give away and/or ask other players for their account data. You risk a permanent ban.

    We will NEVER ask you for your password, so don't give it to anyone! Please do not include it in any Support request.

    §7 Multiaccounts

    You are allowed to own more than one account. Should one of them receive a permanent ban, all other accounts will be banned too. However, you are not allowed to have more than three(3) accounts online at the same time. Having more than three accounts online might result in a ban.

    It is strictly forbidden to sell, share or transfer your account in any way.

    If you are playing with others on the same Network Connection, please report it to the Team in order to avoid unnecessary bans. Also notify us when you use a Internet Stick, cause you might share your IP address with others.

    A subsequent notification after a ban is not possible.

    §8 Events

    You must follow the instructions of the Team during events. Failing to do so results in a exclusion of that particular event and might take other consequences.

    Asking for prizes or rewards is prohibited.

    §9 Ban appeals

    If you want to appeal your ban, please use the releated Board section for this. Keep in mind that you have to provide all required information and evidence that it was unrightful so that your case can be taken care of as fast as possible.

    A ban can only be appealed during the first 14 days after it got issued.

    §10 Reporting a rule breach

    Every user is committed to report rule breaches as soon as possible. Please provide us with one or more significant screenshot/s or a high resolution record. It should be completely unedited.

    Faking any screenshots or records with the intention to trick the Team is prohibited and results in a permanent ban.

    Please keep in mind that we are unable to deal with any evidence that is older than 7 days. The only exceptions are racism, sexual harassment and other severe rule breaks).

    §11 VPN/Proxies

    We do not allow the use of VPN, Proxies or any other method to change the IP address. Logging in with one of them can result result in a instantly applied permanent ban and will result in a permanent ban in the long run nevertheless.

    §12 Punishments

    Depending on the severity of the rule break, we apply one of the following punishments:

    • Warning
    • Kick
    • Mute
    • Temporary Ban
    • Permanent Ban

    The OpenNos Team reserves the right to exclude a player from it's services without further declaration of reasons. The OpenNos Project reserves the right to change Rules, Terms and Conditions, and content and availability of services at any time.

    Don't worry, I only show respect to those who deserve it, not to those demanding it.

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